I am truly honored to be Loop’s Athlete of the Month!

I have been part of the Loop family and community for the past 10 months.  Those 10 months have been incredible!  Growing up, I always liked working out and staying healthy but as life got busy for me with work in the past and also being a Mom of two energetic girls (7 and 3).  I stopped working out and it was hard to keep healthy and in shape.  I never did CrossFit before until Loop.  My husband (Shadd) introduced me to Loop.  He works out with one of his work friends (Matt Jasper) doing CrossFit.  He had been telling me for months to tryout Loop and CrossFit to see if I like it.

I got so tired of doing the same old stuff in my basement and not seeing any results.  I decided to tryout Loop and since then I was hooked from the first day.  One of the many things I love about the Loop family is that everyone has been so welcoming and encouraging to my journey so far.  Korby, the Coaches, and my fellow athletes have all helped in one way or the other.  I always tell my daughters nothing great comes easy and you have to work hard at it. Even if you failed, you try and try until you succeed.  YES, determination got me here but I couldn’t have done it without the Coaches!!!  So BIG thanks and SHOUT OUT to all the head coaches and assistant coaches!  Each of them have their own style of training but they all have one thing in common… being professional and effective.

Coach JT Kauffman– You are amazing!  Ever since I joined Loop you have made a difference in my life. Thank you for caring, walking around and always checking in before each WOD.  How I will be doing the WOD? What weights I am comfortable in lifting? Am I comfortable with the movements and technique?  You always push me to lift a little heavier than what I had originally think I can do. You always tell me not to limit myself and to do what is hard but safe and comfortable.  I truly enjoy listening and learning to all your form/technique demonstrations and your knowledgeable advices.  Keep doing what you do!

Coach Jacob Dumas– You are amazing as well!  You were the first coach I had experienced with training on my first 2 tryout days at Loop (it was the weekend).  I remembered clearly, I was so out of breath and so out of shape on my first day during the WOD which included lots of running and pull-ups. I told you that I couldn’t do pull-ups and therefore I can’t do the WOD.  You responded…doesn’t matter V, we can scale it as much as you need toJ.  You pulled out couple bands and strap them around the bars and said here try this!  Since then I have been doing pull-ups without fear, even if it is assisted.   So, thank you for getting me thru those two hard first days and for continuously pushing me.

Coach Paola Larson– Thank you for introducing me to trail running!  I never ran much before until I started to run with you on those Saturday mornings.  I never ran a mile before now I can say I run as much as 3, 4 or 5 miles with you.  It is still hard for me to run that many miles but thank you for running beside me, sharing your personal running experiences, and those few encouraging words to get me to the finish lineJ.

Coach Matt Wills – Lately, Ihaven’t had the opportunity to work much with you or attend your classes.  But for the few times I have, you were always showing me better ways to improve my technique. Thanks for taking the time after class to show me what movements I can do to help me become stronger and improve my upper body strength.

Coach Cody & Emily– Both of you have been so helpful in my training on many occasions.  When JT or Jacob are both busy in some of the larger classes, each of you have been there to push and correct me on my form and technique.  I appreciate that!  Cody…I enjoy watching and laughing at your little Shakira moves to our workout music J

Korby– Thank you for being so welcoming and for being you! You have provided for all Loopers a place (BEST BOX) that we can all be a part of and be ourselves.  A place everyone enjoys coming to…whether it’s at the end of their hard day or at the beginning of their day to help them conquer whatever lies ahead!