It’s an honor being selected for Athlete of the Month among so many great athletes here at Loop.

I started working out many years ago while playing sports in High school where I played football and ran track. I was a gifted distance runner which gave me several opportunities to run for college. I ultimately ended up picking up lacrosse instead where I played two seasons until I broke my leg pretty badly and ended up in a cast for almost 9 months.

After a year of rehab I got into mountain biking and outdoor sports which opened me up to many amazing places around the country. After 9/11 I was deployed to Iraq for 14 months. I had few more amazing experiences and some that were not. After Iraq I became a police officer in Ohio were I worked for a few years. I had an opportunity to come out to Colorado and I jumped on it.

After moving to Colorado I picked up a sponsorship for Adventure Racing. I had some amazing and grueling races with a great team.  In 2011 I, again, was hit with another injury. I tore my ACL while training Jiu Jitsu.  This ended my adventure racing while I was rehabbing.

I got back in the gym and started focusing on functional movements and injury prevention. I spent many hours alone in the gym and lost that team energy. After another long recovery I, again. Had another major injury. A year and half ago I had a bad motorcycle accident and almost lost my arm. At 35 I wasn’t getting any younger. I put on nearly 60 lbs. while recovering this time.

I decided it was time to evaluate my health and longevity. I remembered eating a sandwich out one day and this guy came up to me. I was wearing a CrossFit sweatshirt and he started talking to me about CrossFit, but he didn’t seem like the normal CrossFit guys I’ve encountered. He said he owned CrossFit Loop and he invited me in. I pondered it for a while and decided to give it try.

I’ve been here at Loop now for over a year and half and a lot of good things have happened. I met my girlfriend Amy. I’ve met a lot of good athletes that I look up to and they push me past my limits. I’ve lost 50 lbs. I’ve improved my mobility and strength. I’ve made good friends and found a place where my daughter loves to come and get a workout in.

I’m back to where I was years ago and I appreciate everyone here that has made this place more than a box.