The owners, coaches and athletes have created something very special here at Loop, and I am privileged to be a part of it. When Joby reached out to me about being selected July athlete of the month, I was appreciative and humbled. My story is like many others who have made Xfit an important part of their life.

Exercise has always been important to me. When I turned 48, I set a goal to be in the best shape of my life by the time I turned 50, but my normal routine of going to the gym was not cutting it. I needed something new. Then I walked into the Xfit box and – like most of us – I was immediately hooked.   Here’s why …

• Want to learn a little about humility? You’re in the right place.
• Loop athletes share a common connection. We’ve seen each other at our best – and our worst – and it’s okay. It’s a safe place.
• Coaches and athletes encourage, teach and help one another to achieve more than you ever thought was possible.
• The clock. I have a love/ hate relationship with that clock. The countdown kills me, nervous energy, but I love it when the coaches say GO!
• I love loud music, and the right song helps me chip away at the daily WOD!
• The high fives, knuckles and conversations with athletes when the WOD is over is awesome.
• Xfit challenges me as much mentally as physically. Learning to do Xfit movements, the best way to attack a WOD and the discipline for proper technique keep me engaged to get better with every session.
• During that one hour at the Loop, I clear my mind and focus my passion. No matter what is going on elsewhere at home or work, it all goes away and I come away rejuvenated.
• Getting up at 4:45 a.m. four days a week does suck, but the awesome 5:30 am coaches and athletes ROCK!

Most importantly, I believe the time I spend at the Loop brings me into balance and makes me a better husband to my awesome wife Kelly, and dad to my three boys Connor, Dominick and Kevin.  Now, at 51, I’m still striving to be in the best shape I can be. The Loop community gives me a shot at that and makes me realize that “best” is more of a journey than a destination.