Thank you, Korby, and the rest of the coaching staff, for selecting me as the Athlete of the Month!  To say I was surprised is an understatement.  I know I didn’t get this for being the fastest or the most athletic, that’s for sure.  It’s not for lack of effort.  I’ve never been the fastest or the best at anything athletic, but I sure do try hard to get better every day. One thing is for certain, the Loop has made me better at CrossFit than I ever was, and that’s because of the kick-ass coaching.  It’s funny that I’ve been doing CrossFit for seven years and still can’t do a MU or handstand push-up!

Many of you wouldn’t believe  it but I used to be a two- to three pack-a-day smoker and and also chewed tobacco since high school.  It wasn’t until I was 35-years old (now 49) until it became apparent that I needed to change something.  I couldn’t walk up the stair tower on the construction site and my pants waist was larger than my age.  I decided to join 24 Hour Fitness and start running and working out. Only thing was I didn’t know where to start. I ended up just running.  Day One I lasted less than 30 seconds at 4.5 mph.  It was a start. I tried to double my distance when I felt I was able to.  Within a year I was running 7 miles a day.  I still remember my first run in a race; seven miles.  I hit that finish line and started to literally cry.  I love running because it saved my life.  I may never be the fastest, but I’m so fortunate to be able to run.  Why not take advantage of something that many others can never do.

Fast forward seven years.  The old workouts at 24 Hour just weren’t cutting it anymore. I needed something different. Kelly and I were living in Arvada when a new CrossFit gym opened up. I was one of the first 10 members they had in the gym.  I loved it!  When Kelly and I moved to CR, we joined a gym here.  It was ok, but I never felt like I was getting any better. In fact, I was regressing.  About a year later Kelly heard from Tracy Wills, who suggested we try out the Loop-hell, they hadn’t even set up the rig yet.  We went back twice to meet with Matt and Korby.  I didn’t need any more convincing. The rest is history. We became members back in 2015 and have never looked back!

I love the Loop, the culture and everything it stands for!  I’m honored to get one chance a year to program the Thanksgiving Day WOD and hope you’ll come this Thanksgiving too!   My favorite type of WOD is one that is at least 45 minutes long, had double-unders, deadlifts or 50-pound DB snatches. Many of you know my wife Kelly (CrossFit Kids Coach) and the three kids: Evan (the destructor), Kara (the snuggle bug) and Lexi (the little ring gymnast).  We love being part of the Loop family!  Thanks again for this honor.  I hope to someday be able to MU and handstand (but don’t hold your breath).