Thank you Crossfit Loop for choosing me as your Athlete of the Month.  I first stepped into Loop about three years ago and immediately knew it was a perfect fit.  While I had been CrossFitting for a few years at that time, I hadn’t experienced anything like the warm welcome and contagious enthusiasm of Korby, Anne and the other coaches.  Loop was impossible to pass up.  My Loop family has been there to support me in so many significant ways.  You helped me when I sent my oldest off to college (lots of free therapy); you’ve welcomed each of my children, husband and random family members when they wanted to work out; and you provided tremendous support throughout my recovery from shoulder surgery.  I will forever be grateful for the continued encouragement and push from JT, Matt, Jacob and my friends at the Loop.

Outside of Loop, I occasionally work for the government as a private consultant.  I am a Veteran and served my country as a Naval Intelligence Officer.  While I was honored to have served my country, my greatest pride and joy comes from my children.   I spend many weekends attending baseball and volleyball tournaments, traveling throughout the country to cheer them on.  My oldest son plays D1 baseball, my daughter competitive volleyball, and youngest son balances his baseball pursuits with WODs at the Loop.  Our family is a bit competitive, with even a board game being anything but “friendly.”  

Although I played sports (tennis and softball) throughout my life, CrossFit has been the most rewarding of all the athletic endeavors I’ve tried to tackle.  While I love the physical challenge and benefits of CrossFit, it’s the mental toughness and growth that has been the most rewarding.  

I am thankful for my Loop family and the significant relationships I have made.  I love the competitive nature of my friends, the awesome support network and above all else, the common denominator we all share of suffering together and striving for self-improvement.