My Crossfit story began in California, 2012. A friend of mine was a trainer at Gold’s Gym where I
had been working out for about a year, doing basically the same movements each week in a space
crowded by cable machines and people that never interact with each other except to ask if they might
be still using a certain piece of equipment. He introduced me to another trainer, Ben Alderman, who
was just getting interested in some wacky fitness craze called Crossfit. The three of us started doing
these Crossfit workouts together in Gold’s Gym, generating plenty of confused looks and stares from the
other gym members. I remember the very first workout we did. It was 10 rounds of 10 deadlifts at 135
and 10 pushups. I had actually never done a deadlift in my life, so needless to say I didn’t finish the wod,
I think I tapped out at 4 or 5 rounds in and for the next 4 days I couldn’t bend or twist my lower back… it
had locked up solid. I wasn’t quite convinced yet… we continued doing Crossfit workouts and other
people started to be interested and join in. Ben soon decided he was going all-in and opened his own
Crossfit Gym. I stuck with it because I was tired of the monotony of the globo-gym style and I enjoyed
working out with other people. Crossfit has been a part of my life ever since and I couldn’t imagine going
back to a regular gym.
2 years ago, my wife and I and our two kids moved to Castle Rock. I started going to The Gym,
spent two months there on a Groupon, but it didn’t quite feel the same as my past gyms and I knew I
didn’t want to commit to anything long-term with them. I remember seeing the Crossfit Loop sign pop
up downtown around this same time and I immediately called. I talked with Korby on the phone for just
a few minutes and I knew then that it would be my new home away from home. His excitement and
enthusiasm was undeniable and contagious. The environment that he has created at Crossfit Loop is
something truly amazing. Every coach at Loop is great in their own way, and each has helped me to
improve, even after 5 years of training. And of course all the members are awesome, hardworking,
super cool people that contribute to the atmosphere of awesomeness. I look forward to going every day
because I know as soon as I walk in, I get to put all the stress of work and life away for an hour, and just
be in this positive, encouraging, supportive environment where great coaching, hard work, and
dedication pay off.
I am honored to be Athlete of the Month. I want to say thanks to Korby, Anne, Joby, Lee, Matt,
JT, and Jacob for creating such a cool thing for everyone to enjoy, and thanks to all my friends at Loop
(basically everyone I’ve ever met here, because you are all awesome). The biggest thanks goes to my
amazing wife, Jenna who has always supported me and encourages me to be the best I can be.