Thank you Korby and Jacob and for selecting me as Athlete of the Month. I am honored and humbled. In the past year, I have taken up crossfit at the loop and have been welcomed into this incredible community by athletes that inspire and motivate me. Here are the 10 most important things that I have learned during my time doing crossfit.

  1. The saying “it’s a piece of cake” has nothing to do with actual cake.
  2. It isn’t at all awkward to receive a full-frontal hug from a freshly showered and shaved Korby Smith after a 20 minute max-rep workout.
  3. Some athletes consider themselves a novice even after 10 years of crossfit experience.
  4. Goodbye soft hands. Hello calluses and blisters.
  5. Proof that Satan is a part of crossfit: The devil press.
  6. The warmup is a workout
  7. It’s a normal, everyday thing to receive encouragement from a total stranger.
  8. I can use physics and highly-scientific calculations to prove why every single crossfit move is more difficult for a tall person.
  9. Showing up is the hard part.
  10. As a new athlete, my muscles don’t have memories. We’re all here for the first time.

I’d like to give thanks to Diana Rudolph who encouraged me and welcomed me into the Crossfit Loop. Diana has been not only inspirational but also extremely supportive in my fitness journey. I would like to give a special thanks to Jacob Dumas for believing in me and for pushing me beyond my own limits. He is always prepared, always over-delivering, and always incredibly professional. Jacob talks the talk andwalks the walk. I admire Jacob’s work ethic and his ride-or-die dedication to his crossfit journey. These two people along with all of the Crossfit athletes and coaches at the Loop have been instrumental in my success.