I am beyond honored to be Loop’s April Athlete of the month. CrossFit has given me so much to be grateful for and I am extremely lucky to be part of this amazing community!

I remember back at my very first CF class I met Diana Rudolph and was instantly amazed. Coming from a running background where being skinny was rewarded and thought of as “healthy”, I was blown away by the beautifully strong athletic women I saw doing CF.  I couldn’t even do a dip on a box and Diana was doing HSPU at 5am for her warmup!

My stereotypes of what women should look like and be able (or rather not able) to do were shattered.  And that is what I’m most proud of with my journey through CF. Not the couple podium finishes, qualifiers or regionals competitions, but the mindset that we all can continue to improve, and grow, and become better versions of ourselves. For ourselves. Hard work does pay off but it also never is done. There is no finish line, we just keep getting better!  CrossFit Loop is the only place I want to put in the hard work, with all of you!!