“When I was notified that is was selected as athlete of the month I was caught off guard, shocked, humbled and thrilled all at the same time, for the coaches and Korby to even nominate me for this recognition is amazing.

I remember about 2.5 years ago looking at different gyms in the area and when I signed up for more info on Loop’s website Korby called before I could even close the site down.  During the first week I thought I was going never be able to move again because I was so sore.  I remember going home after rope climbs (yes a nice rope burn as well) to tell my wife that I signed up to be a loop athlete. She thought I was crazy after seeing how I was walking and with a new battle wound.  Since then I have not looked back and have enjoyed everything about loop: the family atmosphere, the great coaching and the great friendships developed.  I look forward to the challenge each and every workout throws our way and love how the coaches know when to push you harder.

Korby and Coaches thank you for establishing an amazing facility for all athletes!”