When I heard that I was chosen to be athlete of the month, I was very surprised. However, I am so grateful to the Loop staff for giving me this opportunity.

I always seemed to be jumping between sports since none of the sports I tried ever held my interest. Each sport I played usually lasted only six months before I got bored of it and left to find something else to do. Then two years ago I was introduced to CrossFit. My CrossFit experience started at home. My mom was the one who first started CrossFit, and after a couple months we all became interested. My brother, Jack, and I began doing the workouts at home as best we could with the equipment we had. Fortunately, that summer my mom’s box was starting a teens program which Jack and I joined. Everything about CrossFit kept my interest and after two years I haven’t been bored once. We trained at Crossfit Jagged Edge (now Beaver Menace) for around a year before we moved to Loop.

Moving to Loop was the best thing we could have done. I love Loop as a gym and a community. The coaches are knowledgeable and encouraging, and I’ve grown so much since coming here. I look forward to working with my Loop family everyday and furthering my skills as an athlete.