What’s happening party people? My name is Jen and I’m here to say, I love Crossfit Loop in a major way. I am very grateful to have been chosen and don’t feel worthy with so many amazing athletes and people in our gym.

I grew up here in Colorado and have been active my entire life. I have always enjoyed hiking, running, and playing just about any sport. I found CrossFit once I finally decided to give up the gang life. I needed a new outlet for my violent tendencies and decided to channel that anger towards the barbell instead of my rivals. In truth, my husband Chad has been doing CrossFit for quite some time and I would join him occasionally between having our three babies.  I didn’t develop a passion until recently and I credit CrossFit Loop (owners, coaches, and athletes) for helping me develop this love for functional fitness. I love that not only do the Loop members feel like family, but my family can all be a part of the gym. Our kids love the kids club and we will soon have two CrossFit kids! Thank you for developing this culture and atmosphere.