This is a true honor! I’m lucky enough to be a member at the best box in the state but now this?!  Thank you for choosing me. I wish I could say it was Love at first WOD… Far from it. My first WOD had a 100 thruster buy in and if you put the bar down you had to do 5 burpees. I don’t remember the rest of the workout. I think I blacked out. I took a nice year ish long break from CrossFit I decided it was time to come back. I had just had my little girl and I needed to get rid of some extra weight!

I’ll never forget my first few workouts at Loop. Dan Jolly, Trevor Walker, and Kelly Zellen were the first few people I met and they couldn’t have been more welcoming. Kelly actually held my screaming baby once so I could finish the workout! Ever since that day it has been the most rewarding and fun experience of my life being a member here.  I have hit lots of mental and physical goals since I’ve been here!  This is my home away from home and my break from dealing with the pressures of grown up life. Haha. To every single athlete here, I guarantee you have inspired me and pushed me in some way! I have accomplished things I NEVER thought were possible!! Thank you to ALL of you for being such awesome teammates and friends. Thank you to the coaches for teaching me so much and for being sooooo patient during my socializing warmups.