When I was told I had been chosen to be the Athlete of the Month, I was both surprised and humbled….thank you!

I have always been an active person starting with sports in middle school and high school.  After college most of my activity centered around running and going to the gym.  About five years ago, I worked out with a personal trainer for a few years and realized that there was more to being fit than just cardio training and that being strong was just as important.  Three years ago, a Crossfit box opened in my neighborhood and I decided to check it out.  I was hooked after the first WOD and never looked back!

In January, Rob Fuchs convinced me to give The LOOP a try and I immediately fell in love with the people.  First of all, the coaches are amazing and I learn something new every day. Secondly, the community support inside and outside the box is truly inspiring. And although I love the daily grind of the 5:30am WOD, my favorite time spent at the box is when I get the opportunity to volunteer with the Wellspring athletes.  Now that I’m in my 50’s staying in shape is more important than ever and I surprise myself everyday with things I’m able to do.  Thank you Crossfit LOOP for your support on my fitness journey!