I’ve been doing crossfit for about two and a half years. It all started because mom started this ‘crossfit thing’ at a place called Crossfit Jagged Edge, and started bringing home workouts for the rest of us to try. As it turned out Jagged Edge was starting a teen program, which my sister and I joined. Now, I had been bouncing around from sport to sport for a while, but hadn’t found my niche. The closest turned out to be Aikido, which I continued for most of my time at Jagged Edge. Then there was crossfit; it was love at first WOD, more or less. Less than a year into training at Jagged Edge I got shipped off to boarding school. This SUCKED. It was a good as haunted building in the middle of nowhere (i.e. Scranton, PA) where every meal was potatoes and mystery meat. Fortunately this lasted only 5 weeks, which happened to be enough time for every ab to disappear. Once I got home I joined Jagged Edge again, even going to some adult classes. Over the next six months or so I came over to Loop. This was by far the best thing I could have done. Just meeting so many of the best coaches and crossfitters around, people with a real passion for the sport, made me love it even more. Eventually I transitioned over to the adult classes, after Korby so generously offered them to me. Next I started working out with Diana Rudolph and Mike Kilbane on the weekends. I’m pretty sure I owe them for how well I did in the ‘17 open. In fact it was through the open that I got to know Matt Wills better. He paced me through most of my redoes and I improved each time. Finally, at the start of summer 2017 Jules and I started working out with Matt. Those first few weeks destroyed me, but my weaknesses were identified and worked over. And I got better, noticeably better. And now we work with Matt almost every day, having a blast while we put in the hard work. And I think it is fair to give him the credit for what we accomplished in the 2017 Turkey challenge!
When I heard that I was chosen to be athlete of the month, I was very surprised but also grateful.Ever since I started playing sports nothing ever seemed to work out. From gymnastics to ballet to softball and basketball I would soon lose interest and leave to find something else to do. I was tired of trying so many sports yet not finding one that I actually liked to do. But then not long after, I started CrossFit. Since the beginning I knew I wanted to keep doing CrossFit and in two and a half years I have yet to lose interest or motivation.After the Open and Qualifier this year I realized that I wanted to make crossfit a bigger part of my life. I wanted it to be more than just something I did a couple times a week. Starting in the summer I began to spend more time at the gym working out with Jack and Matt. At that time I also decided that between school, homework. and everything else fitting in a couple hours at the gym every night would be too much. So I chose to be homeschooled in the fall. So far I’m happy with my decision. Overall I’ve gotten a lot better these last couple months and am having a ton of fun. I even did my first competition in November and had a great time. I’m looking forward to doing more competitions, growing as an athlete, and continuing to workout at Loop with all the amazing people there.