Jack and Julia Terry

When I heard that I was chosen to be athlete of the month, I was very surprised but also grateful.  

Ever since I started playing sports nothing ever seemed to work out. From gymnastics to ballet to softball and basketball I would soon lose interest and leave to find something else to do. I was tired of trying so many sports yet not finding one that I actually liked to do. But then not long after, I started crossfit. Since the beginning I knew I wanted to keep doing crossfit and in two and a half years I have yet to lose interest or motivation.  

After the Open and Qualifier this year I realized that I wanted to make crossfit a bigger part of my life. I wanted it to be more than just something I did a couple times a week. Starting in the summer I began to spend more time at the gym working out with Jack and Matt. At that time I also decided that between school, homework. and everything else fitting in a couple hours at the gym every night would be too much. So I chose to be homeschooled in the fall. So far I’m happy with my decision. Overall I’ve gotten a lot better these last couple months and am having a ton of fun. I even did my first competition in November and had a great time. I’m looking forward to doing more competitions, growing as an athlete, and continuing to workout at Loop with all the amazing people there.  

I’ve been doing crossfit for about two and a half years. It all started because mom started this ‘crossfit thing’ at a place called Crossfit Jagged Edge, and started bringing home workouts for the rest of us to try. As it turned out Jagged Edge was starting a teen program, which my sister and I joined. Now, I had been bouncing around from sport to sport for a while, but hadn’t found my niche. The closest turned out to be Aikido, which I continued for most of my time at Jagged Edge. Then there was crossfit; it was love at first WOD, more or less. Less than a year into training at Jagged Edge I got shipped off to boarding school. This SUCKED. It was a good as haunted building in the middle of nowhere (i.e. Scranton, PA) where every meal was potatoes and mystery meat. Fortunately this lasted only 5 weeks, which happened to be enough time for every ab to disappear. Once I got home I joined Jagged Edge again, even going to some adult classes. Over the next six months or so I came over to Loop. This was by far the best thing I could have done. Just meeting so many of the best coaches and crossfitters around, people with a real passion for the sport, made me love it even more. Eventually I transitioned over to the adult classes, after Korby so generously offered them to me. Next I started working out with Diana Rudolph and Mike Kilbane on the weekends. I’m pretty sure I owe them for how well I did in the ‘17 open. In fact it was through the open that I got to know Matt Wills better. He paced me through most of my redoes and I improved each time. Finally, at the start of summer 2017 Jules and I started working out with Matt. Those first few weeks destroyed me, but my weaknesses were identified and worked over. And I got better, noticeably better. And now we work with Matt almost every day, having a blast while we put in the hard work. And I think it is fair to give him the credit for what we accomplished in the 2017 Turkey challenge!