Mike and Michaelene Boyer

We started our journey with Crossfit back in December of 2017. We had been going to Canyon Fitness here in Castle Rock. I always liked taking the classes since it gave me the accountability to show up and Mike was just lifting weights. I started getting bored in the classes, there was no community, and we weren't really having fun anymore. Our membership had come up for renew and we both were not happy at staying so I started looking for somewhere else. I called Crossfit Loop and talked with Korby. When I got off the phone I was certainty intrigued. I called Mike and told him all about it and of course as I expected 'I'm not doing Crossfit' so we ended up going to check it out after work one night and met Korby at The Loop. Never had we met someone that was so welcoming and friendly. After touring the box and meeting so many people that evening at the box we immediately wanted to try it out. Its so nice that we are able to workout together now. We can't even count the amount of great people that we both call our friends/family now from The Loop! We still love coming each day pushing each other and getting a great workout! The Boyer's, Mike and Michaelene.