Brynn Hall Stephens

​First of all, thank you so much for choosing me to be athlete of the month! It means a lot, especially with so many amazing people at Loop. It's almost been a year since I started at Loop and I still get excited to show up every morning...even if I complain the entire WOD. The owners and coaches make this place the best crossfit gym anyone could ever find. Thank you for that! And thank you, Kelly for pestering me to finally get here, the 8:30 and 9:30 classes are my favorite part of the day. I have been doing crossfit in between popping out kids for almost 4 years. Loop is where I finally found my love for it.

  Some History: I was a competitive swimmer and soccer player all growing up and switched to just soccer at 14. Although I was able to play soccer in college, I had lost a lot of strength after quitting swimming. College is where the weight gain started and my love of being active ended. If you've ever been a competitive athlete and then  suddenly stopped, you know about the food issues! I still struggle everyday to put down the cake or to walk away from the four extra slices of pizza. Anyways, I went to school to be a marine biologist and then after learning that I hate boats (CO is landlocked as it turns out) I switched over to Behavioral Analysis. Before having all these babies I worked in schools, helping mostly teens with mental disorders. Someday I will go back! With hiking and going to a gym every now and then I was able to keep my weight under control but then BAM! I got knocked up and went ahead and gained 60 pounds. 9 months after having my oldest, Hadley, my husband talked me into trying out crossfit. We did a WOD that involved 150 squats. I had a blast and was super excited to workout again until I woke up the next morning and couldn't walk. Lucky for me, the hubs pushed me to go back once I could walk down the stairs again and I was at the gym 2-3 times a week. When I got pregnant again, I was determined to have a healthier pregnancy and kept at a steady 3-4 times a week. After having my son, I struggled to start back up again because of PPD and anger at losing so much muscle. Once I got back again, it was a tough road but I wanted to be healthy for the kids so I kept at it. Then just when I was starting to feel good again and able to keep up with the kids...SuperBowl happened. Another kid on the way. After the 2016 crossfit open, Kelly Zellen convinced me to come and check out Loop. You guys, its so nerve wracking to try a new gym! But after that first class with JT, and seeing a much calmer kids room, I never went back to the other crossfit gym. Loop had me hooked!
  8:30 class, thank you for making me feel special while I built Quinn and thank you Joby for letting me work out the way I felt I needed to and pushing me to slow down when you knew I shouldn't be doing something. I may or may not have been a wench at times so thanks for hanging in there with me!
  Happening now: The baby is 3 months old and nothing has fallen out at the gym except for peeing a little now and then. Sit-ups are the living worst. Burpees take approximately 4 days and my shoulders hurt on a daily basis. But being back at Loop everyday is what keeps me going for the kids and I look forward to seeing all of you beautiful people! I have some crossfit goals that might take a few years, but with the awesome staff and owners, they might be doable! I am blessed to be able to be a stay-at-home-mom and be married to my manly man, Matt (who delivered the last baby!). I'm sure I will always struggle with peeing a little, flabby body parts and coordination, but Crossfit Loop has been a YUUGE blessing in my life.
Also, shout out to Michelle, the wench who left. 😘