Carl Sessions

There are so many great athletes that make up the Loop family and to be selected as the July athlete is an honor.  

Fitness has always been a huge part of my life from playing sports and being selected as all state running back and making it into  the Grid Iron Greats which is a nation wide recruiting book. After high school I joined the Marine Corps where I climbed the ranks to Sergeant. I had the honor of serving our country during 9/11 where my company was the first ground forces in Afghanistan.  I am very proud that during my time in country I did not lose one Marine under my watch.  After the Marines  I joined the Denver Police Department.  Currently I'm assigned to the District Two IMPACT team.  Some of the tasks that we are assigned to do is to go out and try to improve the quality of life by reducing gang violence and to work under cover. District two houses several different street gangs some of the more popular ones are the Bloods, Crips and the Eastside oldies 13.  So far during my time as a Police Officer I have been shot at, punched, bit and have been in several foot chases.  Thanks to fitness I have been able to do all those things with minimal injuries.  

So I'm fairly new to crossfit about a year now and like most 'meat' heads I talked crap about it, until my buddy Tony Lopez convinced me to try it out. From day one I was hooked. It provided not only functional fitness which has helped me in my current job but introduced me to a part of fitness I didn't know existed! The people doing crossfit are all striving for one goal and that is to better themselves in everyday life and they achieve that by building each other up and motivating each other to be the best and to take your body and mind to a place it has never been before. (Pushing it to the limits).  

I remember my first day of crossfit,  I went into Jagged Edge thinking I was a bad ass and I was going to crush the workout. It consisted of single arm kettle bell swings and deadlifts. I remember this one guy in there that everyone gravitated to and I thought to myself  I'm gonna beat this guy since he looks like the main dude!! Needless to say that guy was KORBY and I was very humbled that it took me probably 3 times as long as it did hm to complete the WOD. From that day on Korby has been a great friend and mentor in this sport called crossfit!!!

So I guess I would say fitness is my life! I have to train hard not only to stay healthy but to stay alive with my profession.

Thanks again for the July spot light!!!