Janelle Coan Graham

Very humbled and surprised to be asked to be athlete of the month. I’ve been doing CrossFit for 5 months. The past 5 months at Loop has been a life changing experience and has truly helped me pull through some difficult times. I have been trying to find myself and figure out what is next for me in this crazy Fitness world that I totally love and have been a part of for as long as I can remember.
History: I was a competitive gymnast growing up, but injuries prevented me from moving forward, so I changed to power tumbling and cheerleading. I cheered for only 1 year in college at SIUC due to starting my degree in Athletic Training. After college my husband Chad got a job in TX, so we moved from IL to TX where I started a new career as a group fitness instructor for a company called Les Mills. So I’m using my degree just in a completely different way than I thought I would be.
Currently: I love being a wife, a mom and an athlete. I love and live for adventures, new opportunities, fun, and laughter.  I’m happy, pretty laid back, almost always smiling, look at things in a positive light and try to live each day to its fullest. My husband, Chad and I strive to be good role models for our girls and help them learn and know that with hard work, dedication, commitment, goals and aspirations you can achieve anything and do anything. Everyone has a journey, a story, a dream.  Live in the moment, learn from each day and grow each day. The hard times, good times and the in between times all shape us into the person we are and the person we become.
I’ve been teaching group fitness for 10 years. I’m a Trainer/Presenter for Les Mills in BODYATTACK and BODYPUMP for the past 6 years. Since moving to CO I’ve gotten certified in BODYCOMBAT and GRIT as well. So my brain is always full of music and choreography for classes.  I’m blessed to be able to create my own work schedule and be with my 2 beautiful and crazy girls daily. I travel on weekends to train up the next generation of amazing group fitness instructors and those that are ready to help change their communities making them healthier, fitter and stronger. If you ask my girls “What does your mom do?”  Their response is “She works out for a living!”
CrossFit Loop Coaches and Members have truly been a blessing. I said no to CrossFit for 3 years because of what I had heard and seen from friends and those that I had meet; but now I have found a place that fits me and has proven all of what I heard about CrossFit wrong.  I’m honored and proud to call myself a CrossFit Athlete now.  I talk about CrossFit Loop, the amazing Coaches and members everywhere I go and to anyone that will listen. I’m honored to be a part of what Korby and Anne have built in our community. A place that is welcoming to all, a community of people that are like family, coaches that truly care and want their athletes to achieve and be the very best they can be.