Steve Frank

I was very humbled and surprised when Joby told me I was chosen as athlete of the month for August. Maybe struggling athlete of the month.   Max and Korby introduced me to Crossfit in April of 2015 as  a means to train for a 340 mile endurance canoe race down the Missouri River (MR 340) that took place in August of 2015. My 79 Year old father –in-law Everett ,( whom some of you met when he joined Juli and me for a class on the 14 of July) challenged me to join him in a tandem Huki outrigger kayak 340 miles down the Missouri River. I accepted and we paddled 340 miles down the Missouri River in 57 hours 11 minutes. Life changing experience to say the least.
I spent a full career in the Navy as a Hospital Corpsman (Medic).  I’ve worked in a clinical and medical administration setting, as an imbedded corpsman with the Marine Corps, and finished my career with the Navy Seabees, Battalion eighteen, as a Chief Hospital Corpsman, HMC (SCWS).  
I left the Navy in 2002, met my amazing wife and best friend Juli and married in 2004. She has become an amazing role model and parent to my 2 children, Ashlie (26) and Zach (24).   I am now self employed as a plumbing contractor and enjoy working my own schedule.  I’ve been working out my whole life but had fallen into an unproductive fitness rut. Korby, Ann, coaches and athletes have created an amazing welcoming community of health and fitness as a way of life. When I left the Navy I greatly missed the sense of camaraderie felt with the folks I served with.  I have recaptured that sense of camaraderie at Crossfit Loop.      
Juli and I both look forward to each and every class we attend and immensely enjoy meeting the other athletes at the box.