A year ago I was blowing out a friend’s sprinkler system. Anne Smith was excited to tell about the CrossFit Box they were opening. Me Um. What’s a box? A CrossFit gym. I’m like what’s CrossFit? Lol. Didn’t think it was my cup of tea. Being almost 40 years old, 5’ 7′, and 190 pounds. I was a little out of shape. Ok. A lot. I was a small business owner living with chronic low back for the last ten years. I didn’t think I could do it or even have the time. After driving by CrossFit Loop a few times I ran into Korby.  He invited me in to check it out. I contemplated on his offer for a month. Like a lot of people the hardest part was walking through the door my first day. After my second day I was committed. I told Korby I didn’t want a free week and handed him my credit card. That was my addictive personality. I was a super active as a kid thanks to my wonderful parents. I played football,baseball,gymnastics,lacrosse and wrestling. Forgetting about my long absence from the gym I tried a pull-up on my first day. Not good. I was discouraged. Again 22 years ago I could do 30 pull-ups. At this point I was on a mission. Putting in an extra ten minutes after each class to work on my weaknesses. It’s been a roller Coaster with a few surgeries this year. Set backs are the hardest. But each time I’d come back and work harder. The comradery at CrossFit Loop is awesome and keeps me motivated to come back. Well it’s been 14 months and I’m in the best shape of my life. Better late than never. Exercise and a clean diet are key to feeling great. With these two things I’ve managed to lose thirty-five pounds and gain five back in muscle and have my first six pack. Goals from day one. A wise man once told me you have to crawl before you walk. Thanks Korby. When I’m not working or doing CrossFit I enjoy riding my Harley, listening to country music (especially Johnny Cash) and doing anything outdoors. Enough about me. I’d like to thank all the awesome coaches, owners and fellow athletes who have encouraged me. Finally, I would like to thank CrossFit Loop for partnering with Wellspring Community. Volunteering to help these athletes every week has been an incredible opportunity.