On Tuesday, June 19, 2018 I stood alone and managed to gather every bit of strength to overcome all the fear I was facing as I walked through the CrossFit Loop doors for the first time, willing to learn, scared to my core while I was determined to give it 110%.

For months, I would come home and practice with my broom all the lifting techniques I was being taught in class. This was it, I had begun my CrossFit journey. As C.S. Lewis says, “Hardships often prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny” and this is exactly what CrossFit was doing for me. At CrossFit Loop I have surrounded myself with likeminded individuals who face individual struggles, every single day. From mental health battles we all face internally, to physical technique’s we all struggle with externally. But we continue to fight and take on each battle with every single workout.

A gym could just be just a gym and a workout could be just a workout, but at Loop, we are all family, we are all friends, we care to see each other’s progress, care about our nutrition, and help each other with movements. CrossFit has brought out a level of confidence and strength in me others can’t even dream of, this is me, confident yet humble, loud yet I listen, exhausted yet I never give up, afraid yet I show up.  I have learned to only compete with myself, watch only my scores, watch only my technique, but I will always watch others to learn from them and hopefully push them to always give more.

If this type A, mom of three beautiful children who are her greatest blessings, a wife to an amazing man who always supports her every endeavor, a woman who is strong in her faith and still manages success in her own company, but most of all can commit to her journey of CrossFit, I have faith that you can too, CrossFit Loop is home and we welcome you, I welcome you.