With so many great athletes and amazing people, it is an unexpected honor to be selected as member of the month.

Look at me wearing that yellow shirt. All 125lbs of me. When I was younger I was very good at video games. I had an account full of maxed at toons on Everquest, then Warcraft, on and on. I sunk my time into video games because I didn’t have the requisite self esteem to do real things with real people.

One day out of the blue my co-worker Chad invited me to the gym with him. Surprising myself as much as anyone, I accepted. For months we spent lunch rocking quarter squats and the myriad of redundant chest machines. As lame as our workout was, I did slowly make some gains. I’ll never forget the first time I was pec flexing in the mirror.

Eventually my fitness journey graduated beyond the big box gyms and I gave this Crossfit thing a shot. Two of the first people I ever met in CF were Joby and Korby. These two guys took me in, made me feel welcome, and helped me achieve this nasty vascularity.

Joking aside, through exercise and especially Crossfit I’ve been able to completely reinvent myself not just physically, but mentally and emotionally. I so appreciate guys like Chad, Korby, and Joby that helped encourage me along the way. Now instead of some fake “achievement” in a fake life, I’ve got an awesome wife and amazing daughter in real life. Who I am now would never have been possible without the changes exercise and the Crossfit community have provided me. My hope is always that I can instill that similar feeling of welcomeness to any new people who come into Loop.