Gary Robinson

I would like to say I am humbled and excited to be chose as being the highlighted “Athlete” for November.  It is the timing is great though, this month being the 6th year anniversary of when I was introduced to CrossFit.  1 months prior, I had been in for my  annual physical at age 49 and my blood pressure was high and I was about 30 lbs over-weight.  My Doctor gave me 6 months to try to get healthier or he would put me on meds for my blood pressure.  The week of Thanksgiving, my wife, Heidi, and I moved to Castle Rock, and the following Monday I walked into a local gym to see about membership, and saw a banner on the front, and asked a question that would change my life…”What is CrossFit?.”  My first experience was a benchmark workout, Helen, which smashed my ego.  35lb kettle bell, banded pull ups, and had my visit from Pukie the Clown at the beginning of the 3rd round.  I was hooked
The following March 15 I did my first workout in the first Reebok Open, 26 lbs lighter then I was when I walked in there…the following day, for my Birthday, completed my first “Filthy Fifty”.
CrossFit has changed my life, from the way I work, eat, look, and live my life.  I cannot imagine ever going back to a traditional workout, I would bore myself to death.  CrossFit has also brought fun and community into fitness for me.  I injured my shoulder a year and a half ago, and was out for 9 months…and doing rehab alone was the worst.  I was not sure I would ever be able to do this type of workout again.  Shortly after, in December of last year, I was returning a book to the library and saw a sign for “CrossFit Loop”, Google searched it, called and talked to Korby, who let Matt know I would be in the next morning.   Over the following months, not only did the help and training from the staff at Loop help get my strength back, but I was able to complete the workouts in the 2016 Open.  Since then, I have actually become stronger in most movements then I have ever been, at my current age of 55....Crazy!!! Now I am training harder than I ever have working towards the Reebok Open in 2017.
CrossFit Loop, the staff, and the community are a major part of my life.  The coaches, staff are a great positive group to be around, and it obviously comes from the leadership, Korby and Lee.  Everybody is and athlete in their eyes, no matter what their level.  The always have a positive attitude and that type of attitude is contagious.  As much as I enjoy my occasional rest day, I miss coming around the box just  to hang out…just to enjoy the vibe of Loop!   I am looking forward to my continued growth at Loop as I enjoy their success as a Box and Community.